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Contoh Implementasi Midtrans di web donasi sederhana menggunakan Laravel
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Ini adalah contoh implementasi Payment Gateway Midtrans di Laravel. Contoh kasus yang diambil adalah web donasi online, semua sistem/manajemen donasi yang ada disini dibuat sesederhana mungkin agar kita bisa lebih fokus untuk mepelajari cara kerja Payment Gateway Midtransnya.

Snap Midtrans Flow

Midtrans Payment Flow

  1. User performs the checkout operation
  2. Merchant server makes an api request to the snap backend to get the SNAP_TOKEN
  3. Snap backend responds to the api call with the SNAP_TOKEN
  4. Merchant server constructs the html page and sends it back to the browser
  5. User verifies the details and clicks the pay button. Merchant’s javascript code calls, options). User then fills up the payment details and clicks the confirm button.
  6. Snap JS sends the payment details to the snap backend
  7. Snap backend processes the details and responds with the charge status. Snap JS then calls the corresponding callback provided by the merchant’s javascript code.
  8. Snap backend notifies the merchant server about the charge status
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