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A to Z Sky Operating System / Microservice Chassis Framework
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Azos - A to Z Sky Operating System


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Azos is a full stack framework for distributed data-driven business applications of any size. Unique feature of Azos is its self-sufficiency as it includes all of the components necessary for creation of typical business to Facebook-scale applications.

Azos Documentation Index

Azos includes:

  • Application chassis (component hierarchy container)
  • Configuration (supports external cluster configuration)
  • DI
  • Logging
  • Instrumentation (custom gauges/events/counters)
  • Serialization: Binary, Bson, Json
  • Security: role based, permissions, annotations, inheritance etc.
  • Contract-based RPC (Glue)
  • Mvc Web Stack based on web server abstraction (may use Asp Core, HttpListener or any other server/stack)
  • Data documents - model data for RDBMS/NoSQL/Service stores. Full auto CRUD/metadata/validation
  • Hybrid Data Access Layer - virtual queries (e.g. query service instead of table)
  • Pile: In memory pile of objects store 100s of millions of instances in-process
  • Data cache based on Pile
  • Virtual File System (e.g. SVN, Amazon S3, Google Drive)
  • 100s of utilities: int/prime math, rnd, leaky bucket, keyed interlocked, object casts etc.

Azos is built for writing Distributed systems of infinite scale:

  • Distributed hierarchical cluster topology
  • Todo queues (a la serverless)
  • Virtual Actors
  • Global Monotonic Unique ID generation 2^96
  • Distributed process model/process control signaling
  • Load balancing/work sets
  • Distributing locking/coordination
  • Logging, Telemetry, Security Auditing works in cluster + archiving
  • Real-time process/cluster admin panel
  • Social Graph system: nodes, friendship, subscriptions/event notification
  • Social trending: real-time trending system based on business entities

Nuget Packages

Azos Packages on Nuget

cmd Description
pm> install-package Azos Azos Core Package (App Chassis, Pile, Glue, Log, Instr etc.)
pm> install-package Azos.Web Azos Web (Client, Protocols etc.)
pm> install-package Azos.Wave Azos Wave Server + Mvc
pm> install-package Azos.MsSql Azos Microsoft SQL Server Provider (CRUD etc.)
pm> install-package Azos.Oracle Azos ORACLE RDBMS Provider (CRUD etc.)
pm> install-package Azos.MySQL Azos MySQL RDBMS Provider (CRUD etc.) + Native Client
pm> install-package Azos.MongoDb Azos MongoDb Proivder (CRUD etc.) + Native Client
pm> install-package Azos.WinForms Azos WinForms Support (for legacy)
pm> install-package Azos.Media Azos Media Formats (PDF, QR Codes etc.)
pm> install-package Azos.Sky Azos Sky Distributed Cloud OS
pm> install-package Azos.Sky.MongoDb Azos Sky MongoDb Services (Queues etc.)

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