SublimeText "Distraction free mode" but not full-screen! A windowed UI is more manageable and accessible yet it can be simple and sublime!
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DistractionFreeWindow for Sublime Text

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Screencast shows gruvbox Theme & Color Scheme, Operator Mono Medium as font.


Sublime Text's distraction free mode but not full-screen! A windowed UI is more manageable and accessible, yet it can be simple and sublime!

DistractionFreeWindow was inspired by this forum post.


Installation via Package Control

  1. Install Package Control for Sublime Text.
  • Close and reopen Sublime Text when done.
  1. Open the Command Palette via Tools > Command Palette from the main menu and select Package Control: Install Package.
  2. Select DistractionFreeWindow.

Manual installation

  • Select Preferences > Browse Packages from the main menu. Use the command line to cd .../Packages into that exact same folder, then git clone git://
  • Or select Preferences > Browse Packages from the main menu, then create a subfolder named DistractionFreeWindow and unzip the contents of a current snapshot of master as *.zip into it.


Use the keybinding Super+F11 to toggle DistractionFreeWindow mode.

Changing Layout

Users of the MaxPane plug-in will appreciate that DistractionFreeWindow directly integrates with it and simplifies the layout when you go into DistractionFreeWindow mode and restores the layout after comming back out of it.



DistractionFreeWindow inherits distraction free mode settings from the core application. You can set these via Preferences > Settings - Distraction Free, compare the official docs:

Key Bindings

You can adjust the default key binding SuperF11 via Preferences > Package Settings > DistractionFreeWindow > Key Bindings from the main menu.


See the LICENSE for details.