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Bullets and scissors not rendered (rendered as narrow blocks) #102

karimmaassen opened this Issue Aug 5, 2013 · 24 comments


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Windows 7


tott commented Aug 5, 2013

Hi there,

It's a wild guess but it seems that the font you're using is simply not supporting these characters. You might want to try an other font. I'm using Consolas which works fine. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17879

I'm using Consolas as well.

tott commented Aug 5, 2013

It does not look like this. Did you install the font? Even the open/done_tasks_bullet examples don't render correctly in your screenshot.

If the font is correctly installed - maybe have a look if you've set "default_encoding": "UTF-8" in your sublimetext config or try setting it for the tasks file explicitly 'File' -> 'Reopen with encoding' -> 'UTF-8'

The font is installed correctly. I use it for other IDEs as well. The default encoding for Sublime is UTF-8 adn I reopened the files with explicit encoding. (UTF-8)

No difference I'm afraid.

tott commented Aug 5, 2013

Ok, that's about all I had :) Curious what others have in mind.

tott commented Aug 5, 2013

Seems you're not alone with this - http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11129
Did you try rebooting :)

I did. Didn't help. Well, let's hope there is a solution. :)


aziz commented Aug 5, 2013

A couple of months ago a guy sent me an email and claimed that he have patched Consolas font to fix this issue.
I've not tried it myself but I would encourage you to try installing his font and see if it's working.
here is the link: http://dfiles.eu/files/r3va18fws

After installing the fonts you should update your PlainTasks settings and add:

 "font_face": "PlainTasks",

If this works, I might add his patched fonts to the package, or at least update README with a proper fix for this issue.

I think this only happens on Windows XP (maybe on some other Windows versions too) but never heard of this problem on Mac or Linux.

@aziz The file doesn't exist anymore.


aziz commented Aug 5, 2013

I've uploaded it here: http://cl.ly/1h3A043P251b


aziz commented Aug 5, 2013

Here is the screenshot he sent me:

I'm afraid it didn't resolve the issue.


vovkkk commented Aug 5, 2013

Try DejaVu Sans Mono http://dejavu-fonts.org/wiki/Download
If it wouldn't resolve, that's why there're - and + and x bullets.

IMHO it's clearly bug in Sublime Text. Besides, this issue is duplicate #59 #60 #65 - close it.

@vovkkk vovkkk closed this Aug 5, 2013

It's the same issue as #65 and that one wasn't resolved either. The issue reporter simply rebooted his system. I did as well (twice) and that didn't help. How can you say it's clearly a bug in Sublime Text? It might be, but it's definitely not clear.

I have Dejavu already installed; doesn't work.

In other words, you closed it, so it's resolved now? I don't think so.


aziz commented Aug 5, 2013

@karimmaassen we're trying our best to resolve this issue, but as much as I know it has nothing to do with our code, and is mostly out of our control.
As I said, if we figure out why this happens I'll make sure to document it properly. but until then I can not do that much, since I'm not using Windows personally.
Beside it's happening on Windows XP (which is going out of business pretty soon).
Are you using Window XP? please provide us with some details information about you OS version and ST verion.

Thanks. :) These are my details:

  • Windows 7 64-bit (not XP!)
  • Sublime Text 2.0.2, Build 2221
  • I re-installed PlainTasks an hour ago, so that's the latest version as well.

vovkkk commented Aug 5, 2013

How can you say it's clearly a bug in Sublime Text?

See? It's just about Unicode characters, in some circumstances ST can't render them properly - and this is bug. It's deadly clear. I use Windows 7 for 24/7 - never ever faced such problem.

I have Dejavu already installed

Do you actually use it in PlainTasks? Preferences > Package Settings > PlainTasks > Settings - User:

{"font_face": "Dejavu Sans Mono"}

Yeah I know that thread. I wrote in it myself. It's not the same rendering issue though. Or at least, not in my perception. But hey, I could definitely be wrong.

I use Windows 7 the entire working day today and I've had the issue 100% of the time. So we're looking at a 50% end-user error today. ;)

I did, I tried a dozen of good mono spaced console type fonts. It doesn't help.


vovkkk commented Aug 5, 2013

I did, I tried a dozen of good mono spaced console type fonts. It doesn't help.

Hm, I've suggested Dejavu because I'm sure it contains those characters itself (I mean ✓ | ✔ | ❍ | ❑ | ■ | □ | ☐ | ▪ | ▫ ).
Consolas doesn't contain those characters and ST takes them from other font (I thought from Arial Unicode MS)
pic 2013-08-05 21 58 24

So if Dejavu Sans Mono doesn't work, then it's indeed seems like another issue, unless you've version of Dejavu font w/o those characters.
Other monospaced fonts are irrelevant, well, mostly.

But again, all rendering stuff done by Sublime Text, PlainTasks have nothing to do with it. So it seems you have no choice, but using - + x bullets.

I'm afraid you're right. Thanks for the help though. It's an annoying bug. Let's hope a fix from ST will come soon.

gosatty commented Aug 9, 2013

Instead of Consolas mention Arial Unicode MS instead. If still does not works just copy those characters
Go to: Start> Accessories> Character Map> Put them in the text box
Now select these characters, and move through different available fonts. You should find a working font with it. Remember to select these character or else they wont show live preview.

gosatty commented Aug 9, 2013

By the way awesome plugin. Loved it...

jglwiz commented Nov 11, 2013

I solved using previous method :{"font_face": "Dejavu Sans Mono"}

My version: win7 + ST2

Adding the {"font_face": "Dejavu Sans Mono"} font work up tp 90%, not all the symbols are showing(The scissors, and the line that devide the archive list), but at list now is a bit functional


Using Windowx XP 32bit SP3
Sublime Text 2.0.2 Build 2221

@vovkkk vovkkk added the question label Feb 18, 2017

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