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## Changelog file syntax
syntax "changelogs" "ChangeLog*$" "HISTORY$" "NEWS$"
color green "\+"
color red "\-"
color brightwhite "[0-9]"
color brightblue "[0-9][0-9]\:[0-9][0-9]\:[0-9][0-9]"
color blue "[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\-[0-9][0-9]\-[0-9][0-9]"
color blue "[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\/[0-9][0-9]\/[0-9][0-9]"
color blue "\<(CEST|CET|CST||CDT|EDT)\>"
color yellow "[0-9]\..*$"
color cyan "\*.*$"
color brightblue "\<(pre.*$|beta.*$|rc.*$|release.*$)\>"
color green "#.*$"
icolor brightred "^[[:space:]]*[.0-9A-Z_]*:"
color magenta "[.0-9A-Za-z_]*[[:space:]]*[.0-9A-Za-z_]*[[:space:]]<"
color brightyellow "<(\\.|[^\"])*>"
color brightwhite "commit[[:space:]]*[.0-9A-Z_]*$"
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