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speciesgeocodeR v2.0-8

An R-package for the preparation for geographic point occurrence data in biogeographic analyses. A major focus is on securing data quality and providing ready to use output for biogeographic software. The main functions include:

You can find short instructions for the major functionalities in the Readme, and more detailed information and tutorials on the wiki pages. Detailed documentation for individual functions is available via ? (e.g. ?SpGeoCod). For comments, questions and bug reports, please use the issues section or speciesgeocodeR@googlegroups.

The package uses an example data set of Lemur distributions from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( There is also a python version of SpeciesgeocodeR for some functionality of the package. SpeciesgeocodeR is mainly based on functions of the ggplot2, raster, rgdal, rgeos and sp packages.

##Citation If you use speciesgeocodeR please cite:

Töpel M, Zizka A, Calió MF, Scharn R, Silvestro D, Antonelli A (2016) SpeciesGeoCoder: Fast Categorisation of Species Occurrences for Analyses of Biodiversity, Biogeography, Ecology and Evolution. Systematic Biology.


Zizka A & Antonelli A (2015) speciesgeocodeR: An R package for linking species occurrences, user-defined regions and phylogenetic trees for biogeography, ecology and evolution.

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