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note: check simple-css , if you want a lighter approach.

A task for boot-clj
Clojars Project

Atomic CSS is a another way to write css, Its feels like functional css... feels great with figwheel...


;Where  ;T-> top  ;p-> padding

(defn component []
  [:div {:class "T(10px) P(1.6em) Translate(50%)"])

; Compose
(defn component []
  (let [space "P(1.6em)"
        move  "T(10px) Translate(50%)"]
    [:div {:class (str space move)}]))

See rational at



Sadly we still use tools from outside.. but its ok, lets get a shot...

  1. npm install -g atomizer
  2. or install modules localy npm install atomizer
  3. and add to path-atomizer manually. see below.

2. pull from clojars and use it in build.boot

Require dependencies :

(set-env! :dependencies '[[zaeny/boot-atomizer "0.1.1"]])

(require '[zaeny/boot-atomizer :refer [atomizer])

add task atomizer :

(deftask dev []
  (comp (watch) (atomizer))

; robust way
(deftask dev []  
    (atomizer :find-class "src"
              :output-to "main.css"
              :path-atomizer "node_modules/.bin/atomizer")
  ; (reload :cljs-asset-path ".")
  ; (cljs-repl)
    (cljs :source-map true)))

your resources/public/index.html

<link rel="stylesheet" href="main.css">

# Options

find-class not tobe confused by classes things.. it just term used in atomizer basicly watch and parse text in what directory. to distinct with other boot-cljs compile in set-env! clojure {:find-class "src-cljs/"}

path-atomizer where atomizer bin located see


boot atomizer -o main.css -r src/

Usage: boot atomizer [options]

    -o  --output-to     Where to Output CSS [path str]
    -r  --find-class    findClassName or Parse Blob Text from source-directory [path str]
    -p  --path-atomizer atomizer bin  location [default global path]

# Contribution and ahead challanges.

  1. feel free to make changes.
  2. it's posible to create own atomizer parser using macros or pure clojure, instead relying on external binary... and use noprompt/garden to parse css
  3. other options dont output css but send it down and replace innerText <style></style>
  4. shorthand property for static values inline block bold center capitalize nowrap dynamic values such as z(20) z(a) for z-index auto keep using ()
  5. use macros to combine related dynamic values size(20,5/2) expanded to w(20) h(5/2)
  6. what if write parser in other style such as:

underscore :

[:button {:class "t_10px c_#333"} ]

dashed style :

[:button {:class "t-10px c-#333"} ]

js function style:

[:button {:class "t(10px) c(#333)"} ]

clojure style!:

[:button {:class "(t,10px) (c,#333)"} ]

What do you think ? do you have something ?