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Latest commit ff3d3eb @logiclord logiclord Azkaban 3.0.0
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azkaban-common Merge branch 'master' of
azkaban-execserver merging execute-as-user with azkaban3
azkaban-migration/src Issue #254 - Alphabetize some imports, strip whitespace, and add file…
azkaban-soloserver Display validator error and warning messages in different format to m…
azkaban-sql/src/sql Fix to auto upgrade database upto version in file…
azkaban-test/src/test Test case fixes for Azkaban 3.0
azkaban-webserver Merging Azkaban MultiExecutor features in master
gradle/wrapper merging execute-as-user with azkaban3
.gitignore Fix the comments received in the pull request (#326).
.travis.yml Run Travis CI against both JDK 7 and 8.
LICENSE Initial Commit
NOTICE Updated the NOTICE file to fix typos and update links Added documentation explaining where the source of the Azkaban docume…
build.gradle responding to comments #567
eclipse-styles.xml Change all Java source values to 1.6 in eclipse-styles.xml. Azkaban 3.0.0
gradlew merging execute-as-user with azkaban3
gradlew.bat Issue #210 - Remove Ant build files and switch completely to Gradle.
settings.gradle Issue #256, #257 - Fix unit tests part 1. Tests in azkaban-common no

Azkaban2 Build Status

Building from Source

To build Azkaban packages from source, run:

./gradlew distTar

The above command builds all Azkaban packages and packages them into GZipped Tar archives. To build Zip archives, run:

./gradlew distZip


For Azkaban documentation, please go to Azkaban Project Site. The source code for the documentation is in the gh-pages branch.

For help, please visit the Azkaban Google Group: Azkaban Group

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