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Merge pull request #508 from davidzchen/error-prone

Use error-prone for Java build.
latest commit 5bff69fa96
@davidzchen davidzchen authored
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azkaban-common Use error-prone for Java build.
azkaban-execserver Pass along command line arguments from to child script #…
azkaban-migration/src Issue #254 - Alphabetize some imports, strip whitespace, and add file…
azkaban-soloserver Display validator error and warning messages in different format to m…
azkaban-sql/src/sql Update default char limit for project description
azkaban-test/src/test/resources/executions Issue #254 - Clean up source tree to enable running unit tests at build
azkaban-webserver/src Merge pull request #476 from hluu/master
gradle/wrapper Update Gradle wrapper version to 2.7.
.gitignore Fix the comments received in the pull request (#326).
.travis.yml Issue #254 - Fix .travis.yml to use correct gradle command.
LICENSE Initial Commit
NOTICE Updated the NOTICE file to fix typos and update links Added documentation explaining where the source of the Azkaban docume…
build.gradle Use error-prone for Java build.
eclipse-styles.xml Change all Java source values to 1.6 in eclipse-styles.xml. Updated to 2.7.0
gradlew Update Gradle wrapper version to 2.7.
gradlew.bat Issue #210 - Remove Ant build files and switch completely to Gradle.
settings.gradle Issue #256, #257 - Fix unit tests part 1. Tests in azkaban-common no

Azkaban2 Build Status

Building from Source

To build Azkaban packages from source, run:

./gradlew distTar

The above command builds all Azkaban packages and packages them into GZipped Tar archives. To build Zip archives, run:

./gradlew distZip


For Azkaban documentation, please go to Azkaban Project Site. The source code for the documentation is in the gh-pages branch.

For help, please visit the Azkaban Google Group: Azkaban Group

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