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Modifies ExecutorApiClient and ExecutorApiGateway for
 - Handling Reverse-proxy based access to Executors/FlowContainers
 - Containerized dispatch to FlowContainers

Add executor api call invocations from ContainerizedDispatchManager
 - Done indirectly by adding invocation in base class AbstractDispatchManager
 - Adds getExecutableFlowLog, getExecutionJobLog, getExecutionJobStats, cancelFlow

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Oct 8, 2020


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Azkaban builds use Gradle and requires Java 8 or higher.

The following set of commands run on *nix platforms like Linux, OS X.

# Build Azkaban
./gradlew build

# Clean the build
./gradlew clean

# Build and install distributions
./gradlew installDist

# Run tests
./gradlew test

# Build without running tests
./gradlew build -x test

Build a release

Pick a release from the release page. Find the tag corresponding to the release.

Check out the source code corresponding to that tag. e.g.

git checkout 3.30.1


./gradlew clean build


The current documentation will be deprecated soon at The new Documentation site is under development. The source code for the documentation is inside docs directory.

For help, please visit the Azkaban Google Group.

Developer Guide

See the contribution guide.

Documentation development

If you want to contribute to the documentation or the release tool (inside the tools folder), please make sure python3 is installed in your environment. python virtual environment is recommended to run these scripts.

To download the python3 dependencies, run

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

After, enter the documentation folder docs and make the build by running

cd docs
make html

[July, 2018] We are actively improving our documentation. Everyone in the AZ community is welcome to submit a pull request to edit/fix the documentation.