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ghost commented Aug 7, 2013

The 'execute flow' API gives no error, but does not start a flow. 'job1' is a job in the project, and I can start it by hand. The API does not start it.

[my machine]$ curl -D headers -k --data 'action=executeFlow&session.id=2ead5140-2668-4891-be58-d84e6c00827a&project=api_test&flow=job1' https://localhost:8443
[my machine]$ cat headers
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 0
Server: Jetty(6.1.26)

cjyu commented Oct 9, 2013

I don't think we allow rest api other than uploading zip file. We will discuss this to see if we should implement the feature.


This should be possible to do now (http://azkaban.github.io/azkaban/docs/2.5/#api-execute-a-flow). Please reopen if you are still experiencing this problem.

@davidzchen davidzchen closed this Sep 19, 2015
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