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url shortener written in php (with MySQL or SQLite) with history by users
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Simple shortener working with MySQL or SQLite database in php and small javascript functions.

This shortener create a ID for every user to have a list of short url create by user (working with cookie). The user can add comments for the link to find it faster into its history.

Nice shortcut added. The shortcut will create a new short url of your current page when you click on it.

Writed to work into subfolder. (don't need to be at the root)


File installation.php to execute at first access. This php file need the +w mode on the folder (only the first time, you can remove the writing after the install) is you choose the SQlite database

============= #####Nginx configuration :

if (!-e $request_filename) {
    	rewrite ^/([^/]*)$ /index.php?site=$1 last;

Think about remove access to the sqlite file (and .htaccess) with :

location ~* \.(sqlite3|ht)$ {
        deny all;

#####Apache configuration (.htaccess) : tested and approved :) (delete the file if you are on nginx)

####Credit :

Based on code provided by [SilouFR](

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