Cross Assembler for Intel 8085 Microprocessor
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Written by Azman M. Yusof (

This is an assembler for 8085 Intel Microprocessor. It uses the same format as
other common assembler(s). It doesn't require a CPU directive since this is
specific for 8085, but it will not generate a syntax error (directive ignored).
As for 'define byte' directive, both DFB and DB directives are accepted (as
with DFS/DS). This assembler can create Intel HEX format output file as well as
code listing (along with all detected labels). Starting from version 1.6.0,
my1asm85 can create memory file that can be loaded by a Verilog testbench.

This code is written for Linux platform but has been tested with MinGW
cross-compiler for Win32 target machine. The core code is now used by my1sim85.

The file(s) in asm folder:
- monitor85.asm : A monitor program for 8085 development board based on code by
                  Assoc. Prof. Abd. Rahman Mohd Saad (USM, KUKUM, UniMAP). This
                  version has RS232 trasmit and receive sub-routines available
                  to user using RST 2 and RST 3 respectively.

See LICENSE for licensing details.