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Family Tree Keeper - A Javascript/HTML project
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MY1Family Tree

Written by

This is a truly Single Page Application (SPA) - even the data is kept in the
same HTML file - that is implemented mainly using Javascript to create an
interactive family tree database with graphical display.

This is based on many other projects, which I have noted in the source file.

- no ancestor view, always display a root person with his/her descendents
- if cousins are in a union, the display is duplicated
- can create public clone (only name and gender are copied over)
- can create an 'empty' tree (with an anonymous root person as starting point!)

Being spawned from TiddlyWiki (at least from data management point of view),
it has a problem when trying to save the file to disk. Check out this link:!msg/tiddlywikidev/1Em8cJviVKk/LVGKpu2LzeAJ

The solution is - which is obviously based
on TiddlyFox plugin.

Consequently, I have since added options where data can be managed from
separate JSON-formatted data file. This makes it easier for me to keep my
private data separate from development work. Also, the code can actually
'merge' data from two separate data files (based on a union).
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