Basic Image/Video Processing Library
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Written by Azman M. Yusof (

This is a simple image processing library (meant to support work on vision
@ video) that was written for personal use since 2006 (started as kimgpro).

This software consists of several small modules:
  * my1imgpro  - basic image structure & pixel/image operations
  * my1imgutil - basic region/mask/histogram structure & utility
  * my1imgmath - math-related function(s), matrix structure & operations
  * my1imgfpo  - floating-point grayscale structure & utility
  * my1imgbmp  - bitmap file load/save functions
  * my1imgpnm  - netpbm file load/save functions (only P1/P2/P3 supported)
  * my1imgtest - main test program for my1imgpro & friends (SDL for viewing!)
  * my1imgvid  - video structure based on basic image structure
  * my1visdev  - sample video processing (using libav and SDL)
  * my1vistest - main test program for my1imgvid & my1visdev

The test programs (and my1visdev) require SDL and libav libraries.

Regarding the image structure, although my1imgpro library is meant for 8-bit
grayscale processing, my1Image structure can support color image using
RGB-encoded integer (assuming int is at least 32-bit).

Only 2 image file formats supported: BMP and NetPBM@PNM (Portable Any Map:
bit - *.pbm, gray - *.pgm, pix - *.ppm).

See LICENSE for licensing details.