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- updated README.... prepare for minor release...
- CHANGELOG prior to 1.2.0 was not accurate (combined to single entry)
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1 parent 0db6b86 commit 9f0e8731420bfb76898fe4f8717f56af4717066e @azman committed Oct 25, 2012
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@@ -1,35 +1,22 @@
+- command-line (only) option for another 3 baudrate settings
- key for raw code toggle changed to F12
- win32 version tested on virtualbox winxp guest OS
- more key definitions for console library
-- bumped to 1.1.0 (no more rc's)
-- internal code clean-up
- command-line option to assign device name (useful on Linux - serial2usb!)
-- bumped to 1.0.0-rc1
-- usable on both linux and win32 platforms
- command-line option to just scan ports and exit
+- change baud rate option without exiting program
- simple serial port (9600-8N1) interface
- fast option for 115200 baud rate interface
-- change baud rate option without exiting program
@@ -7,17 +7,25 @@ Written by Azman M. Yusof (
This is a cross-platform terminal emulator - targetted for PC serial
port interface with RS232 protocol. It uses basic libraries and can be
seen as a light alternative compared to other multi-purpose terminal
+programs. It was initially meant to test the my1comport and my1comlib
+library modules.
+The my1comlib module started out as a Win32-only implementation and was
+extended to enable usage on Linux systems. The module strive to provide
+a common interface for both systems - thus, becoming a simple cross-platform
+solution for small embedded projects that frequently require access to
+the RS232 serial port.
The my1comport module provides simple serial port interface - the
configurations are done internally without any need for user settings.
-But, it also limits the baudrate to 9600kbps (default mode) and
-115200kbps (fast mode) only. Other settings are still accessible using
+But, it also limits the baudrate to 9600kbps a.k.a. 9600-8N1 (default mode)
+and 115200kbps (fast mode) only. Other settings are still accessible using
functions from my1comlib module. In fact, advanced users may want to skip
my1comport module and directly utilize the my1comlib module.
The my1cons module provides functions for console keys and parameter
-extraction for console-based applications.
+extraction for console-based applications. A test program for my1cons
+module, my1console, is also available.
This code is written for Linux platform but can be compiled with MinGW
cross-compiler for Win32 target machine.

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