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A static site generator using isomorphic react
CoffeeScript CSS HTML
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Static site built using isomorphic react, a completley over-engineered client project.

Not quite ready for prime-time as an engine, still need to work out the kinks in making the development a bit smoother. Also going to strip the content of the site later for re-use.

Licenced under Mozilla Public License v2


  • Facebook's ReactJS for rendering on client and build
  • Using the excellent React-Router for routing on both sides as well
  • Browserify for component management
  • 100% free of jQuery because you don't need it
  • Gulp for building, serving, etc., used to use, but it was geared more towards template based static sites
  • Now includes cache-busting use gulp-rev
  • Stylus for CSS pre-processing since I wanted to try it (it's really nice, highly recommend over SASS)
  • LWIP to process images into the various required sizes
  • Jade for a single layout file to make life slightly easier
  • gh-pages for hosting with cloudflare managing the DNS and some extra caching


  • make sure node.js is installed
  • clone this repo down and cd into the folder
  • run npm install
  • run gulp serve
  • ???
  • get money

Other Comands

  • gulp imgmake [--images] will create exports of the needed images
  • gulp html will read and create the required static HTML files


  • gulp build to create a serveable build
  • Use NODE_ENV=production for production ready builds
  • Deploy to gh-pages using gulp deploy
  • NODE_ENV=production gulp deploy will build and deploy to production
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