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Despite having touch events in the code this doesn't seem to work at all on Mobile Safari. Indeed, it even prevents scrolling the page with your finger when touching the div used. Can anyone else confirm this problem?


Hi, I'm trying out Overscroll for the first time on a test site, and I can confirm that the Overscrolled element doesn't seem to want to scroll on my iPhone.



this problem originates from the different event format of touch events: Unlike normal mouse events, which store the cursor's x and y coordinates in event.pageX and event.pageY, touch-events can have multiple simultaneous touches and therefore have an array of "touch object" which themselves have the pageX and pageY properties. Additionally overscroll uses the jQuery event wrapper which is not yet ready for touchscreen devices and does not have a property "touches".

To get the touch coordinates from the first touching finger from inside a jQuery event handler you need this code:


Because I had the same problem while tuning my scripts for iPad use I patched my copy of overscroll: . This patch includes a click-event-patch because the native touch-to-click mapping from the iPad gets overwritten: If a touchend-event immediately follows a touchstart-event it's considered a click event.


Just fixed in v1.4

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