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schickling and others added some commits Mar 7, 2013
schickling Added bower support 1963a1f
@schickling schickling Pull updates 8ef22da
@schickling schickling Set up testing environment dd09a84
@schickling schickling Changed travis grunt task d629843
@schickling schickling Prepared phantom 31c61e1
@schickling schickling Prepared tests for casper 7c7270e
@schickling schickling Fixed dummy test case b61078a
@schickling schickling Added first test case 1adc66b
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Added drift testing. Also added drift module which encapsulates the d…
…rifting logic
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Added a canvas to test the drifting logic. If the drifting is just ex…
…ecuted in grunt, and phantom, the actual movement can't be seen
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Moved Canvas test to a sperate folder. Also debugged the drift-move.js 149ec59
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Refactored drift-move. Added 3 simple test cases for the drifting 96d797f
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Added fallback, if window doesn't exist 8c576ea
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Removed log messages f900ff0
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Removed even more logging, corrected the first test 63d9920
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Removed even more logging, corrected the first test f24f638
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Added other .js files from testing folder to jshint 9ed8061
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Fixed JSHints 4f2ec1a
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Added tests for left drifting 8c2aa96
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Changed coordinates from objects to array for readability e92a1a5
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Made caspers comments clearer 48666eb
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Made caspers comments clearer bc03a8d
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Changed comment message 9dd8a81
@timsuchanek timsuchanek Moved function definition ffb552c
@schickling schickling Made some syntax fixes b8a0b21
@schickling schickling Added src for linting a479bca
@schickling schickling merged commit ca61ab0 into azoff:master May 26, 2013
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