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Yaml parsing for BASH.
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Yup. A YAML parser completely in bash. I can't believe it either.

At the moment, we support a subset of the yaml spec.

Getting Started

Install it:

$ curl -s | sh

Then query with it:

$ ysh -f my.yml -q ""

Library use

If installed:

YSH_LIB=1;source /usr/local/bin/ysh

If you want the internet as your only dependency:

$ YSH_LIB=1;source /dev/stdin <<< "$(curl -s"


-f, --file <file_name>

Read from a file.

-T, --transpiled <file_name>

Read from a pre-transpiled string.

-q, --query <query>

Generic query string.

-Q, --query-val <query>

Safe query. Guarentees the return is a value.

-s, --sub <query>

Query for a subtree of yaml. Guarentees results are a subtree and no values are returned.

-l, --list <query>

Query for a list.

-L, --list <query>

Query for a list of values. Guarentees results are all values.

-c, --count <query>

Query for a list and count the elements.

-i, --index <i>

Access i'th element from chained list query.

-I, --index-val <i>

Access i'th element from chained list query. Garentees result is a value.

-t, --tops

Return top level keys of structure.

-n, --next

Moves to next block

-h, --help

Show this help dialog.

For more complete usage and examples look at the docs.

Made with ❤️ by the developers at

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