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STM32Device: Implemented ClearReadLock()
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azonenberg committed Aug 1, 2018
1 parent 05a75b0 commit 1c31775
Showing 1 changed file with 15 additions and 9 deletions.
24 changes: 15 additions & 9 deletions STM32Device.cpp
Expand Up @@ -482,22 +482,28 @@ void STM32Device::SetReadLock()

void STM32Device::ClearReadLock()
LogTrace("Clearing read lock...\n");
LogIndenter li;


//Read OPTCR
uint32_t cr = m_dap->ReadMemory(m_flashSfrBase + 0x14);
LogTrace("Old OPTCR = %08x\n", cr);
cr &= 0xffff00ff;*/

//Try poking something into RAM
m_dap->WriteMemory(m_sramMemoryBase, 0xfeedface);
uint32_t v = m_dap->ReadMemory(m_sramMemoryBase);
LogDebug("v = 0x%08x\n", v);
//Patch the read lock value to "not locked"
cr &= 0xffff00ff;
cr |= 0x0000aa00;

//Actually commit the write to the option register
//If we don't do this, the SRAM register is changed but it won't persist across reboots. Pretty useless!
cr |= 0x2;

LogTrace("Setting OPTCR = %08x\n", cr);

//Write it back
m_dap->WriteMemory(m_flashSfrBase + 0x14, cr);

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