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LMD: Lazy Module Declaration Examples

New to LMD? See Getting Started or Wiki.

Demo applications

Examples that covers all LMD features

  • Adaptation - Adapting non-modules. Plain JavaScript, AMD, etc
  • Sandbox - 3-party modules isolation example
  • Glob - Declare many similar modules with only 1 expression!
  • And more...

Examples that covers all LMD plugins

  • Cache - transparent localStorage cache for all modules
  • Promise - using Promises instead of callback to handle module loading
  • Match - use require.match(/Pattern/) to grep all modules that you need
  • And more...

Test examples

  • Mocha - testing lmd build with mocha and mocha-phantomjs
  • Istanbul - code coverage with istanbul and testing lmd build with mocha and mocha-phantomjs

Hint You can try all examples live! Just add http://lmdjs.org/ to example path examples/demos/backbone_lmd/ = http://lmdjs.org/examples/demos/backbone_lmd/