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LMD tests

Tests requires http-server (npm install http-server -g) and jscoverage http://siliconforks.com/jscoverage/

Qunit test

  1. Build test via make qunit
  2. Start via make run_qunit and browse http://localhost:8080

Note run qunit test on http server or "LMD loader" test will fail

Code coverage

  1. Download and build/install jscoverage and http-server
  2. Create tests via make coverage
  3. Run coverage tests via make run_coverage and browse http://localhost:8080/jscoverage.html?u=index.html
  4. Switch to "Summary" tab for results

Run test via PhantomJs

  1. Download and build/install phantomjs
  2. Start http-server http-server test/qunit -a -p 8080
  3. Execute test using phantomjs: phantomjs test/qunit/phantomjs-index.js "http://localhost:8080/index.html"