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LMD can generate source map for your modules.


First add this parameters to your module config

    "sourcemap": "../",
    "sourcemap_inline": true,
    "sourcemap_www": "",
    "sourcemap_url": "/", // Specifies sourceMappingURL path

    "www_root": "../../../",

Than build your package lmd build your_package.

You can skip all thet extra options and add them to the CLI comand:

lmd build your_package --sourcemap ../ --sourcemap_inline --sourcemap_www="" --www_root ../../../

All paths are relative to the config file.


  • Shortcuts, modules under Code Coverage and Lazy modules can not be under Source Map now (will be implemented in future versions)
  • pack: true destroys source map now (will be implemented in future versions)

See CLI for details