Syntax Highlighting for LESS files in Notepad++ (UDL v2.1)
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LESS for Notepad++

Syntax Highlighting for LESS files in Notepad++ (UDL v2.1)

What's This Thing

Just an xml file that gives you syntax highlighting/coloring for .LESS files inside recent versions of Notepad++ (the ones that support the User Defined Language).

How to Use it

  • Download the less.xml file
  • Open Notepad++
  • Go to Language -> Define your language..., click on Import... and select the less.xml file you've downloaded
  • Close and restart Notepad++
  • Done


The color scheme is purposedly built for the Bespin theme (a dark theme), but changing the background color should be quite easy (it's an xml file in the end;).

Here's a preview of how it looks like:

Thanks to Raúl Salitrero who made the initial version (see

Use it however you like it.


Some kind souls contributed a few mods inspired by alternative themes.

Cheers, azrafe7 (azrafe7 at gmail dot com)