Delaunay triangulations, Voronoi, convex hull and more. Ported to Haxe 3 from (itself a port of the excellent


Port to Haxe 3 of sledorze/hxDelaunay (itself a port of the excellent nodename/as3delaunay).

click for flash demo

(click the image above to try the flash demo - if you have problems and you're on Chrome, please try disabling the Flash Pepper plugin)

No external dependencies (demo still needs openfl). Tested on flash/js/cpp/neko.


See original authors' links for details and licensing (MIT).


click on image to see the code in action

haxelib local use

Currently there is no haxelib, but you can use this git repo as a development directory:

haxelib dev hxdelaunay path/to/folder

or use git directly:

haxelib git hxdelaunay

don't forget to add it to your build file:

-lib hxdelaunay

or for openfl:

<haxelib name="hxdelaunay" />

Check out the openfl example for more information.

Or a simpler js code example. See it in action here: JavaScript example.