Arduino RTC Sample Project - uses DS1307, Sparkfun 7-digit Serial Display, speaker and interrupt driven buttons
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Simple Arduino 7-Segment Display Project using DS1307 & Sparkfun 7-Segment Display

This started as a simple project to display the time from a DS1307, that expanded to include additional functions and HW devices. Its most useful as a function reference for interacting with different types of hardware devices via different interface methods.

Basic Clock Features:

  • Set / Read current time from DS1307 module
  • Displays time on 7-Segment Display
  • Interrupt-driven realtime display of time
  • Outputs sound via small speaker
  • Use Hardware buttons to allow user settings changes

The code is broken into discrete functions, which are named by device (7-Segment-Display, RTC, UART, Menu). These functions are extensively commented to make it easy to re-purpose. Included functions perform the following:

  • Accessing a module via I2C
  • Using square wave pulses to HW trigger interrupts (then used to update display)
  • Using buttons to trigger HW interrupts (to trigger a manu)
  • Debouncing HW buttons
  • Parsing a serial stream to get user data
  • Storing data in non-volatile memory via I2C
  • Settings Menu-Function to allow for change of settings by user with minimal hardware buttons

2016 Compatibility Update:

  • Updated version 2.0.0 works on current Arduino IDE as of Jan 2016
  • Main program now titled 'SSclock.ino'
  • Old Version (1.0.0) was written in 2012 on Arduino build 23
  • The updates to allow use of current Arduino IDE included changing I2C commands, some variable types, and some serial commands


Source Code:

  • 'SSclockInits.h' - program header, variable inits, defines and conditional compilation settings
  • 'SSclock.ino' - main program code & all functions

Datasheets: - in the "datasheets" sub-folder

  • 'DS1307.pdf' - information on DS1307 real-time clock
  • 'SFE-0012-DS-7segmentSerial-v3.pdf' - ORIGINAL 7-Segment Display (Sparkfun# COM-09230)
  • 'SFE-0012-DS-7segmentSerial-v41.pdf' - NEW 7-Segment Display (Sparkfun# COM-09764)

    Sparkfun 7-Segment Module Versions:

    • Differ in the characters they can display, the commands they support, and brightness level
    • So conditional complication is used to set variables/defines for the proper device version
    • Make sure the appropriate device is #defined in the SSclockInits.h file (default is NEW version)

Photos - in the "photos" sub-folder

  • 'photo-clock-labeled-internals.jpg' - photo of internal of clock implementation
  • 'photo-clock-outside-front.jpg' - front of clock implementation
  • 'photo-clock-outside-rear.jpg' - rear of clock implementation