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Blueprint blueprint_tranquility

Blueprint_tranquility is the first blueprint to deploy.
It's job is to provide with the foundations of security and auditing for an Azure deployment with come customization capabilities.
After running, tranquility exports to the shared TF state a set of output variables thast will be reused in subsequent blueprints.

Getting Started

As an example of configuration, use the provided in the repository.
In order to get started with blueprint_tranquility, simply run:

./ blueprint_tranquility apply


tranquility diagram


  • Resource groups
    • Core resource groups needed for hub-spoke topology.
  • Activity Logging
    • Auditing all subscription activities and archiving
      • Storage Account
      • Event Hubs
  • Diagnostics Logging
    • All operations logs kept for x days
      • Storage Account
      • Event Hubs
  • Log Analytics
    • Stores all the operations logs
    • Common solutions for deep application best practices review:
      • NetworkMonitoring
      • ADAssessment
      • ADReplication
      • AgentHealthAssessment
      • DnsAnalytics
      • KeyVaultAnalytics
  • Security Center
    • Security hygiene metrics and alerts


The provided allows you to deploy your first version of blueprint_tranquility and see the typical options


The output of blueprint_tranquility will be stored in Azure Storage Account and will be read by subsequent modules.
Please do not modify the provided output variables but add additionnal below if you need to extend the model.


Pull requests are welcome to evolve the framework and integrate new features!

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