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Contributing to the Meta-Weekly data

Maintaining data.json on Github allows anyone to update or contribute to the website data on the site.

How it works

Once a change has been approved, data.json is integrated into gh-page.

Supported WebSite

WebSite/e-mail newsletter is associated with

  • JavaScript
  • Web Frontend

Supported changes

Currently the following feature information can be modified:

  • title — WebSite name (used for the title of the table)
  • url — WebSite URL
  • type — Way of delivery
    • "mail" — email newsletters
    • "web" — contain website,podcast,video...
  • updated — Frequency of update
    • "daily"
    • "weekly"
    • "fortnightly"
    • "monthly"
    • "other"
  • keywords — Array of keyword
  • rss — RSS URL
  • twitter — Twitter Account URL
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