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Define restrict JavaScript syntax and validate it.
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Define restrict JavaScript syntax and validate it.


This validation library aim to define limited JavaScript subset. That subset will be safe by default. Safe means that does not call any untrusted function.


Validate following untrusted function calls and get errors.

const a = alert;
const alertName = "alert";

Following code is passed, because it is safe.


Do Not

This validation does not provide sandbox feature. It means that the code can refer to any object like window by default. In other hands, __proto__ and construsctor is restricted by default.

This validation will be used with vm modules.


Install with npm:

npm install restrict-javascript


This validation is used with Espree.

📝 Pass loc: true option to espree.parse function. It is needed to error position.

import { validateAST } from "restrict-javascript";
const espree = require("espree");
const untrustedJSCode = `
function add(x, y){
    return x + y

const total = add(1, 2);
const AST = espree.parse(untrustedJSCode, {
    loc: true, // <= require `loc` option
    // Other options is optional
    ecmaVersion: 2015
const validationResult = validateAST(AST);
if (!validationResult.ok) {
    assert.deepStrictEqual(validationResult.errors, [
            {id: 'DISALLOW_NODE_TYPE', line: 2, column: 0}, // function
            {id: 'DISALLOW_NODE_TYPE', line: 6, column: 0}, // const
            {id: 'DISALLOW_NODE_TYPE', line: 6, column: 6}, // =
            {id: 'DISALLOW_UNTRUSTED_FUNCTION_CALL', line: 6, column: 14}, // add(1, 2)
            {id: 'DISALLOW_NODE_TYPE', line: 6, column: 14} //function call node

Default Options

Default Config is very strict setting.

It aim to prevent to define untrusted function/variables and invoke untrusted functions.

  • Disallow any function/method/class call
    • includes normal function call, new expression, and Tagged Function call
  • Disallow any function/method/class declaration
    • NG: function, class, =>
  • Disallow any declaration variables
    • NG: use var, let, const
  • Disallow any assignment variables
    • NG: foo = "value";
  • Disallow lookup __proto__ and constructor property

Summary: Disallow to create functions and call functions, and lookup the above

You can add allow list by allow* option.

allowFunctionNames: string[]

This options allow calling specified function names.

Example: Allow String() and alert()

    allowFunctionNames: ["String", "alert"]

allowMethodNames: string[]

This options allow calling specified method names.

Example: Allow Math.random()

    allowMethodNames: ["Math.random"]

This options accept ? as place holder value. ? match any name.

Example: Allow "string".replace("a", "b"). ? match "string".

    allowMethodNames: ["?.replace"]

Note: method chain matching. You can match [].map().filter() by following options.

    allowMethodNames: ["?.map.filter"]

allowNodeTypes: string[]

This options allow to use specified ESTree.Node.

Default: allow safe Node types.

This options will be override default options. Be careful.

allowNodesIncludesChildren: ESTree.Node[]

This options allow node and node's children. Specify ESTree node object and match it partially.

This options allow especial patterns.

For example, You can allow new Date().getTime() signature by following options:

    allowNodesIncludesChildren: [
            type: "ExpressionStatement",
            expression: {
                type: "CallExpression",
                callee: {
                    type: "MemberExpression",
                    object: {
                        type: "NewExpression",
                        callee: {
                            type: "Identifier",
                            name: "Date"
                        arguments: []
                    property: {
                        type: "Identifier",
                        name: "getTime"
                    computed: false
                arguments: []

See also test/fixtures/ok.options.allowNodesIncludesChildren/

📝 Notice: This options force skip matched node, be careful treat!

Tips: AST explorer is useful for the options.

debug: boolean

Enable debug options. It is useful for debugging.

  • Add node property to each errors.


See Releases page.

Running tests

Install devDependencies and Run npm test:

npm test


Pull requests and stars are always welcome.

For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D



MIT © azu

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