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Azuki is the maker of azk, the open source engine to orchestrate development environments on your local machine.

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  1. azk Public archive

    azk is a lightweight open source development environment orchestration tool. Instantly & safely run any environment on your local machine.

    JavaScript 912 62

  2. A Elixir client driver for RethinkDB.

    Elixir 42 12

  3. A Linux extension that adds support to the /etc/resolver/[suffix].

    C 42 12

  4. Google Protocol Buffer to Elixir

    Elixir 19 10

  5. plowman Public

    Alternative to Git Server for Openruko - Elixir/Erlang based

    Elixir 15 1

  6. PHP with FPM Dockerfile for trusted automated Docker builds.

    PHP 13 12


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