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A 3D game engine written in Go!

Visit for more information.

Update Oct 23, 2021

I spent nearly four (awesome) years building Azul3D. I didn't produce any demos or anything that looked cool, but I learned an immense amount. You can read about my journey here:

Utlimately, it appeared on Hacker News which at the time I found a bit demoralizing. Development slowed down for various reasons, and I joined a startup (Sourcegraph) for other reasons. I've learned so much about programming, myself, what I want to do in life, business, and so much more since.

Originally, I intended to resume development of Azul3D - but as time went on this seemed less likely. At the same time, I began experimenting with lower level languages such as Rust, a custom language, and Zig - ultimately finding Zig to be an awesome experience and a very natural transition from Go.

If you're a Go developer interested in gamedev, I really think that you will feel at home with Zig and suggest you give it a try.

It's now time for me to put some serious commitment behind something I'm passionate about, game development. I'm doing that in Zig, you can find out more here: