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+Title = Authors

This is the official list of all The Azul3D Authors for copyright purposes. The contributors listed in this document have agreed to the terms set forth in the license.

Year Name Email Address
2014 Stephen Gutekanst ROT13fgrcura.thgrxnafg@tznvy.pbz
2014 Henry Eklind
2014 Robin Eklind ROT13e.rxyvaq.87@tznvy.pbz
2014 Ian Remmler
2014 Caleb Spare ROT13prfcner@tznvy.pbz
2014 Matt Layher ROT13zqynlure@tznvy.pbz
2014 Sébastien Caparros ROT13pbagnpg@fronfgvra-pncneebf.anzr
2015 Olav Lindekleiv ROT13byni@yvaqrxyrvi.pbz
2015 Christoffer Thomsen ROT13puevf@ptg.anzr
2015 Tobias Breitwieser ROT13gbovnf@oervgjvrfre.ovm