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Food Recognition from images using Calorie Mama AI API

What is Calorie Mama API?

Calorie Mama uses machine learning to identify over one hundred thousand foods, drinks, and packaged goods. It covers many local and global foods.

Find out more here at

Running the example

You need an access token to use our Calorie Mama API. Obtain one by creating a free developer account at

Clone the project from GitHub

git clone

Now import project to Android Studio and create a file under resources: res/values/secrets.xml

    <string name="caloriemama_token">YOUR TOKEN HERE</string>

You can run the app.

If you'd like to use Android Emulator and a WebCam read the next section.

End Result

end result

Setup Android Studio to use a WebCam

  1. Tools -> Android -> AVD Manager
  2. Create AVD if it doesn't exist or edit existing
  3. Show advanced settings
  4. In Camera section select from dropdown Webcam0
  5. Restart Emulator if needed
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