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A unified Windows Azure Storage SDK for .net Microframework v4.2.

Get Started

Install the following components:

Working with Tables

Create an instance of TableClient with your storage account and key:

var client = new TableClient(new CloudStorageAccount(account,key));

The client can be used to create a table:


To insert new entities, create a Hashtable with the values you wish to store:

var values = new Hashtable();
values.Add("guidfield", Guid.NewGuid());
values.Add("int32field", 32);
values.Add("stringfield", "string");
values.Add("doublefield", (double)123.22);
values.Add("int64field", (Int64)64);
values.Add("boolfield", true);

client.InsertTableEntity("helloworld", "PK", "RK", DateTime.Now, values);

You can query for a single entity, which will return a single Hashtable containing all the entity properties:

var entity = client.QueryTable("helloworld", "PK", "RK");

Or you can pass in an OData query, and get an array of Hashtables back:

var entities = client.QueryTable("helloworld", "PartitionKey eq 'PK'");

Delete an entity:

client.DeleteTableEntity("helloworld", "PK", "RK");