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ASP.NET Core Hosting for Azure Relay
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ASP.NET Core Hosting for Azure Relay

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This repo contains a web server for ASP.NET Core based on Azure Relay Hybrid Connections HTTP. A NuGet package produced from this repo is available on NuGet as "Microsoft.Azure.Relay.AspNetCore".

The integration supports most ASP.NET scenarios, with a few exceptions. WebSocket support will be added in the near future, for instance.

To use the extension, take the following steps:

  1. Add the Microsoft.Azure.Relay.AspNetCore assembly to your project. The assembly must be built from this sampe repo at the moment. An "official" Nuget package will be available in a little while.
  2. Create a Hybrid Connection
  3. After you have created the Hybrid Connection, find its "Shared Access Policies" portal tab and add a new rule "listen" with the Listen-permission checked.
  4. Once the rule has been created, select it and copy its connection string.

The connection string contains all information to set up a listener. The samples in the samples subfolder take the connection string as input.

The .UseAzureRelay() hosting extension is available via the Microsoft.Azure.Relay.AspNetCore namespace.

You MUST remove all IISExpress references in the launchSettings.json of any ASP.NET Core application you create from a template. The IIS Express settings are incompatible with this extension.

using Microsoft.Azure.Relay.AspNetCore;

var host = new WebHostBuilder()
    .ConfigureLogging(factory => factory.AddConsole())
        .UseAzureRelay(options =>

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