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Microsoft Azure Storage SDK for Java

If you would like to access our latest Java SDK, please refer to the Storage SDK v12 for Java link in the table below. If you would like more information on our decision to upgrade our Java SDK and the path forward, please refer to this document. If you would like more information on Azure's burgeoning effort to coordinate the development of the SDKs across services, of which this change is a part, please refer to this article.

We will continue to respond to issues here, but prefer that you post them on the v12 repo. Thank you for your patience. We look forward to continuing to work together with you.

SDK Name Version Description Maven/API Reference Links
Storage SDK v12 for Java v12.0.0 The next generation Storage SDK. Supports sync and async IO. Includes blobs, queues, and files each in separate artifacts. (The package directory prefixed with "microsoft-" holds v11. The others are v12.) Maven - Reference
Blob Storage SDK v11 for Java v11.0.1 A stepping stone in our path to v12. We do not currently recommend adopting this. Maven - Reference
Storage SDK v8 for Java v8 Legacy Storage SDK (sync only) Maven - Reference
Storage SDK for Android v2 Storage SDK for Android Maven - Reference
Azure Management Libraries for Java v1 Management libraries including Storage Resource Provider APIs Maven - Reference

For more details, please visit the proper location for each repo.