DotNetty project – a port of netty, event-driven asynchronous network application framework
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Latest commit 4dab326 Jan 19, 2017 @arturl arturl committed with nayato Abstract platform-specific parts & demo UWP support (#183)
DotNetty is already working under .NET Core and full .NET Framework but support for other platforms (like UWP) is missing. It is important to have reach in that space as well.

- Thread-based functionality is modeled with Tasks (as threads are not part of supported .NET Standard 1.3).
- IPlatform / DefaultPlatform are added to abstract platform-dependent functionality not available across the board.
- UWP platform implementation is demonstrated in an example along StreamSocket-based Channel.

UWP support for DotNetty is easy to implement now. Basics for platform-dependent code are added making further development easier.

DotNetty Project

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DotNetty is a port of Netty, asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients.


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