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iisnode releases

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iisnode releases


getting started

Follow instructions in the readme.

new in 0.2.21

  • Fix node-inspector integration - both old and new debugger work now.
  • Fix MSI to support installation on windows 10.
  • Increase NODE_PENDING_PIPE_INSTANCES to 5000 so that we dont have to worry about the default 4 max concurrent requests over named pipes within node.exe. This will prevent most of the iisnode pipe busy errors for applications with high request rate.

new in 0.2.17

  • Fixed Issue #24

new in 0.2.16:

  • tjanczuk#367 - Support sockjs framework.
  • Support idle page out.
  • Fix issue #382

new in 0.2.11

  • Expand environment variables for settings in iisnode.yml
  • Configurable debugger files location
  • X-Forwarded-Proto header added when enableXFF setting is enabled.( see issue #265 )
  • Fixed urlrewrite functional test case - web.config had invalid characters that prevented IIS from reading the config.
  • Support for env variables in nodeProcessCommandLine value.
  • Issue #296 - query string lost when default document is used.
  • Close Directory handle if watched directory is deleted

new in 0.2.7

  • ability to run iisnode 32-bit and 64-bit side by side on 64 bit systems (version matching the bitness of the the IIS worker process is automatically used at runtime) #281

new in 0.2.6 (codename Quincy)

  • stability and reliability improvements in auto-recycle and node.exe crash recovery
  • fix adding/removing of file watchers for auto-recycle #273
  • fix AV during graceful recycle of node.exe #274
  • avoid deadlock in graceful recycle and auto-update #275
  • fix AV during generation of iisnode-debug header while graceful recycle is in progress #276
  • fix request ref counting during graceful recycle of node.exe #278
  • fix deadlock during generation of iisnode-debug header while graceful recycle is in progress #279

new in 0.2.5

  • version 0.2.5 never shipped

new in 0.2.4

  • fix in handling of large HTTP request headers #266
  • fix in handling of large file uploads and downloads #255

new in 0.2.3

  • support for configuring iisnode using environment variables #220
  • fix bug in interceptor file cleanup logic #253

new in 0.2.2

  • statically link standard C library, VC redist no longer required #243

new in 0.2.1

  • fix regression on Windows Server 2008 #231

new in v0.2.0

  • support for Websockets on IIS 8 and Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 #205
  • improved support for node.js x64 #178
  • improved diagnostics with iisnode-debug response header #212
  • move to Visual Studio 2012 toolset #204
  • bug fixes

new in v0.1.21

  • support for Unicode file names #179
  • fix IIS configuration schema in the iisnode-dev MSI package and add the log index template to the package #185
  • fix link to log files in samples #182, #190
  • fix rendering of the log index on IE

new in v0.1.20

  • better logging mechanism with support for scaling out to multiple servers #168
  • new MSI package for developers - contains x86 and x64 bits with symbols #171
  • enable integration with IIS output caching #177
  • increase named pipe connection retry count to allow for longer application initialization times #174

new in v0.1.19

  • support for YAML configuration using iisnode.yml file #158
  • changed installation location of iisnode for IIS Express to %programfiles%

new in v0.1.18

  • support for multiple HTTP response headers with the same name (e.g. Set-Cookie) #156
  • support for chunked transfer encoding of HTTP request entity body (e.g. file upload) #152

new in v0.1.17

  • reduction of cold startup latency #150

new in v0.1.16

  • non-existing directories in the iisnode@watchedFiles configuration section will now be ignored instead of preventing the service from starting #143
  • installing iisnode in WOW mode on a x64 machine will now install only x86 bits instead of both x86 and x64 #140
  • uninstalling iisnode for IIS Express after IIS Express had been uninstalled is now possible; previously it was not #144

new in v0.1.15

new in v0.1.14

  • support for HTTP 1.0 requests #109
  • simplified support for multi-core machines (equivalent of cluster functionality) #129
  • support for auto-recycle when application dependencies are updated #58
  • fixed handling of empty HTTP request headers #131
  • improved diagnostics of configuration issues #128
  • configuration of named pipe connection pool #124
  • added many new performance tests
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