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Terraform - demo deployment

This project folder contains a demo Terraform deployment.


This folder contains the following files:

File Description this file Terraform configuration file for resource deployment


The deployment will create a new Linux VM in Azure including the following Azure resources:

  • Resource Group
  • Virtual Network
  • Subnet
  • Public IP address
  • Network Security Group incl. a security rule that grants SSH access only for the caller's current external IP address
  • Network interface card (NIC) incl. IP configuration
  • Storage account to store operating system diagnostic logs
  • Virtual machine incl. local admin password from Azure KeyVault

Data sources

With data sources in Terraform we can reference external objects that are needed during deployments. The passage

# Azure Key Vault data source to access local admin password
data "azurerm_key_vault_secret" "mySecret" {
  name      = "labuser"
  vault_uri = ""

# get my external IP address to enter into NSG rule
data "http" "myExtIp" {
    url = ""

creates references to an Azure KeyVault secret in the Azure KeyVault yourKeyVault. The second http data source gets your external IP address from the website so it can be referenced later when creating the NSG rule.

Data source references

Data sources are referenced in the respectice resource paragraphs.

    security_rule {
        name                       = "SSH"
        priority                   = 1001
        direction                  = "Inbound"
        access                     = "Allow"
        protocol                   = "Tcp"
        source_port_range          = "*"
        destination_port_range     = "22"
        source_address_prefix      = "${data.http.myExtIp.body}" # reference to http data source
        destination_address_prefix = "*"


    os_profile {
        computer_name  = "myvm"
        admin_username = "labuser"
        admin_password = "${data.azurerm_key_vault_secret.mySecret.value}" # reference to KeyVault secret