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Docker on Azure Hands-on Lab

This workbook contains exercises for getting started with running Docker on Azure. Following the exercises you will learn how to setup your local environment with your own private Docker lab by installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine using Hyper-V or VirtualBox, you'll get familiar with Docker by trying out different commands, installing containers and creating Dockerfiles for your own images. You will also learn how to setup a private Docker registry hosted on Azure and how to deploy one or more containers, also, running on Azure.


Before we get started you need to install a few things locally in order to create your own private lab and in order to interact with remote resources on Azure.

We recommend installing and configuring the 3 prerequisites as mentioned in the tutorials below in order to get a local setup that is consistent with what is used in the exercises, and to get a client environment that is fairly close to what you would have on a linux machine (even though we are running Windows).

##Private Lab

To get a better understanding of working with Docker and Linux (Ubuntu specifically) we highly recommend starting with setting up a private lab. Here you will install Ubuntu server in a virtual machine on your local machine. And you will learn to install and update the Docker daemon within Ubuntu.

The private lab is not necessary to complete the exercises below, so please consider this step optional. You might consider skipping or including this part based on the time available to complete this hands-on lab.


Once you have the prerequisites in order you can follow the exercises outlined below.

Please note that certain exercises have two routes you can take depending on, which fits best with the system that you are running your local lab on (ie. running Mac OS, Windows 8 or Windows 10).

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