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#Getting and configuring Docker binaries

In order to issue commands against remote Docker hosts (running the Docker daemon/engine) you will need to have a Docker client locally. This is a single executable file, which doesn't contain the Docker engine, it only acts as a client.

The Windows Docker binaries can be downloaded using the following URL pattern:

If you want a specific version of the Docker client for Windows you can insert the version number instead of "-latest" like so:

Version 1.8.1:

64bit version of 1.8.1

Also download Docker Machine, which will be used some of the exercises. You can find the Docker Machine binaries on the github page for Machine

Once downloaded check that the file isn't Blocked, then rename it to Docker.exe (rename the Docker Machine binary to docker-machine.exe) and place it in a known location like C:\Docker. Then add it to the Windows PATH by adding ;C:\Docker to the existing PATH, which you can find by going to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables (button) > System Variables

Alternatively, run the following command from your Command Line Prompt (cmd.exe):

set PATH=%PATH%;"c:\Docker"
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