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Azure Flash News Episode #80 - 11/15/2019


Azure Container Registry: preview of repository-scoped permissions

The Azure Container Registry (ACR) team is rolling out the preview of repository scoped role-based access control (RBAC) permissions, our top-voted item on UserVoice. In this release, we have a command-line interface (CLI) experience for you to try and provide feedback.

GitHub Actions for Azure is now generally available

GitHub Actions make it possible to create simple yet powerful workflows to automate software compilation and delivery integrated with GitHub. These actions, defined in YAML files, allow you to trigger an automated workflow process on any GitHub event, such as code commits, creation of Pull Requests or new GitHub Releases, and more.

Save more on Azure usage - Announcing reservations for six more services

With reserved capacity, you get significant discounts over your on-demand costs by committing to long-term usage of a service. We are pleased to share reserved capacity offerings for the following additional services. With the addition of these services, we now support reservations for 16 services, giving you more options to save and get better cost predictability across more workloads.

Improving observability of your Kubernetes deployments with Azure Monitor for containers

Over the past few years, we’ve seen significant changes in how an application is thought of and developed, especially with the adoption of containers and the move from traditional monolithic applications to microservices applications. This shift also affects how we think about modern application monitoring, now with greater adoption of open source technologies and the introduction of observability concepts.

In the past, vendors owned the application and infrastructure, and as a result, they knew what metrics to monitor. With open source products growing in number, vendors do not own all the metrics, and custom metrics are extremely necessary with current monitoring tools.

Sharing the DevOps journey at Microsoft

Today, more and more organizations are focused on delivering new digital solutions to customers and finding that the need for increased agility, improved processes, and collaboration between development and operation teams is becoming business-critical. For over a decade, DevOps has been the answer to these challenges. Understanding the need for DevOps is one thing, but the actual adoption of DevOps in the real world is a whole other challenge. How can an organization with multiple teams and projects, with deeply rooted existing processes, and with considerable legacy software change its ways and embrace DevOps?


Produced by Emily Mackmiller

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