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Azure Flash News Episode #81 - 12/06/2019

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Achieve operational excellence in the cloud with Azure Advisor

Many customers have questions when it comes to managing cloud operations. How can I implement real-time cloud governance at scale? What’s the best way to monitor my cloud workloads? How can I get help when I need it?

Recently, Advisor introduced a new recommendation category—operational excellence—to help you follow best practices for process and workflow efficiency, resource manageability, and deployment.

Faster and cheaper: SQL on Azure continues to outshine AWS

Whatever the reason, migrating SQL workloads to Azure Virtual Machines is a popular option. Azure customers benefit from our unique built-in security and manageability capabilities, which automate tasks like patching and backups. In addition to providing these unparalleled innovations, it is important to provide customers with the best price-performance possible. Once again, SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines comes out on top.

Application Gateway Ingress Controller for Azure Kubernetes Service

Today we are excited to offer a new solution to bind Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Application Gateway. The new solution provides an open source Application Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC) for Kubernetes, which makes it possible for AKS customers to leverage Application Gateway to expose their cloud software to the Internet.

Bringing together the benefits of the Azure Kubernetes Service, our managed Kubernetes service, which makes it easy to operate advanced Kubernetes environments and Azure Application Gateway, our native, scalable, and highly available, L7 load balancer has been highly requested by our customers.

Extended filesystem programming capabilities in Azure Data Lake Storage

Since the general availability of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 in February 2019, customers have been getting insights at cloud scale faster than ever before. Integration to analytics engines is critical for their analytics workloads and equally important is the ability to programmatically ingest, manage, and analyze data. This ability is critical for key areas of enterprise data lakes such as data ingestion, event-driven big data platforms, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Programmatic access is possible today using Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 REST APIs or Blob REST APIs. In addition, customers can enable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines using Blob PowerShell and CLI capabilities via multi-protocol access. As part of the journey to enable our developer ecosystem, our goal is to make customer application development easier than ever before.


Produced by Emily Mackmiller

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