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Azure Flash News Episode #87 - 03/02/2020

Azure Flash News: Watch Episode


ExpressRoute Global Reach: Building your own cloud-based global backbone

Connectivity has gone through a fundamental shift as more workloads and services have moved to the Cloud. Traditional enterprise Wide Area Networks (WAN) have been fixed in nature, without the ability to dynamically scale to meet modern customer demands. For customers seeking to increasingly apply a cloud-first approach as the basis for their app and networking strategy, hybrid cloud enables applications and services to be deployed cross-premises as a fully connected and seamless architecture. The connectivity across premises is moving to utilize a more cloud-first model, with services offered by global hyper-scale networks.

Azure HBv2 Virtual Machines eclipse 80,000 cores for MPI HPC

Azure HBv2-series Virtual Machines (VMs) are now generally available in the South Central US region. HBv2 VMs will also be available in West Europe, East US, West US 2, North Central US, Japan East soon.

Azure Virtual Network service endpoint policies feature is now available

Azure Virtual Network service endpoint policies enable you to prevent unauthorized access to Azure Storage accounts from your virtual network. It enables you to limit access to only specific whitelisted Azure Storage resources by applying endpoint policies over the service endpoint configuration.

This feature is now generally available in all Azure public regions.

Read details about supported capabilities, configuration guidance, and limitations in the Virtual Network service endpoint policies documentation.

Demo Time!

  • Demo by Mark Garner
  • Demo by Rick Weyenberg


Produced by Emily Mackmiller

MTC Facility

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