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## Episode 79
Shownotes can be found [here](

## Episode 78
Shownotes can be found [here](

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# Azure Flash News Episode #79 - 11/08/2019

## Contacts
* Rick Weyenberg email: twitter: [@codeboarder](
* Mark Garner email: twitter: [@mgarner](
* website: [](
* twitter: [@azureflashnews](
* iTunes: [](
* Google Play: [](
* Stitcher: [](
* Youtube: [Azure Flash News Channel on YouTube](

## Azure services now run anywhere with new hybrid capabilities: Announcing Azure Arc

Today, we are announcing Azure Arc, a set of technologies that unlocks new hybrid scenarios for customers by bringing Azure services and management to any infrastructure. Azure Arc is available in preview starting today.

## Simply unmatched, truly limitless: Announcing Azure Synapse Analytics

Today, businesses are forced to maintain two types of analytical systems, data warehouses and data lakes. Data warehouses provide critical insights on business health. Data lakes can uncover important signals on customers, products, employees, and processes. Both are critical, yet operate independently of one another, which can lead to uninformed decisions. At the same time, businesses need to unlock insights from all their data to stay competitive and fuel innovation with purpose. Can a single cloud analytics service bridge this gap and enable the agility that businesses demand?

## Empowering developer velocity with the most complete toolchain

Today every company is a software company. Across all industries from retail to healthcare to financial services and more, software is at the heart of every company’s strategy. According to a recent study by ISACA, 91 percent of business leaders saw digital transformation as a way of sparking innovation and finding efficiencies for their organizations.

## Companies of all sizes tackle real business problems with Azure AI

Today, through a number of AI innovations, we continue making it easier for organizations to adopt and apply AI in a way that meets their needs, where ever they are in their AI journey. Product updates include new capabilities in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning that boost the productivity of developers and data scientists of all skill levels, new innovations in Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Azure Bot Service to simplify the creation of AI apps and agents, and new enhancements to Azure Cognitive Search to enable the development of knowledge mining applications.

## Build a data-driven culture to accelerate innovation

Organizations today must embrace a data-driven culture or risk being left behind. A recent Harvard Business Review survey found organizations with data-driven cultures improve revenue by four times and unlock rich insights to drive meaningful business transformation and customer satisfaction.

As organizations evolve, new tools and resources are needed to enable them to harness the power of their data anywhere and to build a data-driven culture.

## Thanks
Produced by Emily Mackmiller

MTC Facility

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