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This is an Arduino library for Azufier.

Azufier is an BLE chip onboard with Atmega32u4 microcontroller. See for more details

###Setup (Arduino IDE version 1.6.4 or higher for this guide)

  1. Install Arduino IDE.
  2. Azufier is compatible with SparkFun SF32u4 boards.Adding SparkFun Boards to library by following steps
  1. Download this respo.
  2. At Arduino IDE, go to "Sketch" -> "Include Library" -> "Add .ZIP Library...". Select the .zip you just downloaded.Detail Guide here
  3. Go to "Tools" -> "Board:", select "SparkFun Pro Micro"
  4. Go to "Tools" -> "Processor", select "ATMEGA32u4 3.3V/8MHZ"
  5. Setup complete! Try upload others sketch at "File" -> "Examples" -> "Azufier"

###Documentation See more library details at here


  1. Azufier-Hardware
  2. Azufier-iOS-SDK
  3. Azufier-Library
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