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Vagrant configuration for parsing DMARC reports

This Vagrantfile is a quick way to get set up with a report parser and web viewer for DMARC aggregate reports.

Quick start

$ git clone && cd dmarcts-vagrant
$ vagrant up

It may take a while for setup to finish (especially if you don't have the Ubuntu base box ready).

Once it's done, run the parser with:

$ vagrant ssh
$ ./ -d /vagrant/MY_MAILBOX_FILE

Then visit http://localhost:8080/dmarcts-report-viewer.php in your browser.

What's DMARC?

DMARC, the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance system, helps combat spam by letting admins specify what authentication to expect in mail from their domain.

For more, see the official FAQ, or Wikipedia.

If you run your own mail server, it's very much in your interest to set up DMARC and use the rua flag to tell receivers (like Gmail or Yahoo Mail) to send reports back to you on how it's working.

This repository helps you make sense of those reports.

What's dmarcts-report-parser?

It's a Perl script by TechSneeze, based on work by John Levine, for taking the XML attachments out of DMARC report files and making sense of them.

It's not all that easy to run the script on a Mac or Windows system, but if you already have Vagrant installed (as many web developers do), this repo provides a Vagrantfile and setup script to get you going.

What do I need to run this?

Just Vagrant, which is an easy way to set up virtual machines consistently for development on any host platform. If you haven't used Vagrant before, you'll likely need to install VirtualBox too.


Vagrant configuration for dmarcts-report-parser







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