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List of awesome application software built with Common Lisp
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Awesome Common Lisp Application Software


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This is a list of awesome application software built with Common Lisp.

We want to keep the 'master' list curated. If you want to uncurated list, see complete list branch.

Table of Contents



  • OpusModus - a comprehensive computer-aided environment for the whole work of music composition. Proprietary.
  • OM7 - a new implementation of the OpenMusic visual programming and computer-aided composition environment including a number of improvements on graphical interface, computational mode, and connection to external software libraries. [GPL3][2].
  • Common Music - the repository of an ancient version of Common Music (version 2.12.0), the presumably last version which ran on Common Lisp dating from around 2007-09, before work on Common Music shifted to (scheme-based) cm3.
  • Incudine - Music/DSP programming environment for Common Lisp. Useful to design software synthesizers or sound plugins from scratch. It is also a compositional tool that allows to produce high quality sounds controllable at the sample level, defining and redefining the digital signal processors and the musical structures on-the-fly.
  • Shuffletron - a search-based music player for the terminal. MIT-style licence.
  • Ernestine - Ernestine is a music management application in McClim. MIT.
  • CLM - Common Lisp Music is a music synthesis and signal processing package in the Music V family. It provides much the same functionality as Stk, Csound, SuperCollider, PD, CMix, cmusic, and Arctic — a collection of functions that create and manipulate sounds, aimed primarily at composers (in CLM's case anyway).
  • Open Music - a visual programming, computer-aided composition environment. [GPL3][2].
  • PWGL - A Visual Programming Language for Music and Sound.


  • Cliki2 - The wiki software behind AGPL3
  • Ext-blog - blog engine. It supports custom theme and you can port a WordPress theme for it. [No License Specified].

Static Blog Generator


Chat Bot

  • Lisp-paste - Bots from #lisp. MIT.
  • Alice - Alice Margatroid, a dollmaster that pretends not to be a doll itself. [No license Specified].
  • Magitek - Whimsical robots infused with just a hint of magic. No license specified.

Development Tools

  • Cepl - Code Evaluate Play Loop. 2-clause BSD.
  • Quickutil - The solution to the Utility Library problem. [No License Specified].
  • Quickdocs - Ready and Up-to-Date Documentation for All Common Lisp Projects. [No License Specified].
  • Lake - Lake is a GNU make like build utility in Common Lisp. MIT.
  • Asdf-viz - ASDF system dependency visualizer. LLGPL.
  • Cl-bunny - Common Lisp RabbitMQ client based on IOLib.
  • Eazy-project - Interactive Project Generator & Manager. [No License Specified].
  • baf - A simple Nixpkgs and NixOS helper. CC0.
  • Seed - Interactive software environment based on Common Lisp. GPL3.
  • Sluglisp - Like Quicklisp, only slower (a web GUI based Quicklisp for searching the projects). [No License Specified].
  • - Common Lisp client. MIT.


  • Pgloader - Migrate to PostgreSQL in a single command!. PostgreSQL License
  • Pgchart - A self-contained web application that takes as input an SQL query text and outputs its data as a chart. [No License Specified]
  • LambdaLite - A functional, relational database in about 250 lines of Common Lisp. MIT.
  • AllegroGraph - A modern, high-performance, persistent graph database.


  • SLIME - The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs.
  • Sly - Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE (slime's fork)

For more, see Awesome-cl.

Desktop Environment


  • Lem - Common Lisp editor/IDE with high expansibility. MIT.
  • Second Climacs - Version 2 of the Climacs text editor. .
  • MarkEdit - Markdown editor and previewer built with Ceramic. [No license specified].
  • Med - Emacs-like text editor for the Mezzano operating system. MIT.
  • Hemlock - Portable version of the Hemlock editor. [No Licence Specified].


  • ACL2 - A theorem proving environment. 3-clause BSD.
  • Axiom - Axiom is a free, open source computer algebra system.
  • Biochat - Where biological datasets learn to talk to each other. MIT.
  • Maxima - Computer Algebra System written in Common Lisp. GPL2.
  • PVS - The People's Verification System . GPL2.
  • Geiriadur - Dictionary lookup engine and a dictionary editing system. No license specified.
  • Sparser - A natural language understanding system for English, [No License Specified].
  • Weyl - Computer algebra substrate from Cornell University. [No License Specified].

File Manager

  • Filer - Mezzano File Manager.


  • sucle - A Minecraft clone (voxel game engine). MIT.
  • CotD - A roguelike battle of Angels and Demons in the streets of a Human city. GPL3.
  • Jak and Daxter - Jak and Daxter. Proprietary.
  • Option-9 - A Shoot'em Up Game. No license specified.
  • Asteroids - Asteroids game in Common Lisp. [No License Specified].
  • Cl-dino - A Chrome Dinosaur Robot. GPL3.
  • Perfectstorm - Perfectstorm is a real time strategy game study. MIT.
  • Notalone - You wake up nowhere in the night. Hungry zombies around, but your ol' pal "BOOMSTICK" is with you. GPL3
  • Starwar - Starwar. [No License Specified].
  • The-invaders - A remake of the classic game Space Invader. GPL2.
  • Ninja-sphere - Ninja Sphere. No license specified.


Image Creation

  • Sketch -A Common Lisp framework for the creation of electronic art, visual design, game prototyping, game making, computer graphics, exploration of human-computer interaction, and more.
  • Snek - An experimental system for writing generative systems.
  • Parasol - A Common Lisp painting application.
  • Wigflip - image playground.
  • PTC's 3d designer - 3D Design Software. Proprietary.
  • Mirai - 3D editor built on the winged-edge data structure. Proprietary.
  • Flow - Tools for the representation of graphs and flowcharts.
  • McPixel - A toy Lisp program for drawing and animating pixel art. No license specified.
  • Stektcheroo - 2D drawing and layout.

Image Viewer



  • nEXT - The fastest productivity web-browser.
  • Lispkit - A lisp web browser using WebKit


  • cl-torrents - a library and app with a command line and readline interface to search for torrents on popular trackers.


  • rssparser - A Web-to-RSS parser in Common Lisp for websites that don't have RSS feeds.

Operating System

  • Mezzano - An operating system written in Common Lisp
  • Yalo - Lisp OS running on bare metal x86-64 hardware (WIP)


  • Grammarly - Grammar checking. Proprietary.
  • Turtl - a secure note taking, bookmarking and document storage app. [AGPL].
  • Deftask - Painless task management for teams. [Partly Open Source].
  • Ichiran - Linguistic tools for texts in Japanese language. MIT.
  • Projectured - ProjecturEd is a generic purpose projectional editor. [No License Specified].

Social news


  • cl-ledger - a port of the double-entry accounting system. 3-clause BSD.
  • Mediaimport - Import media files (jpgs/movies) from cameras. [No License Specified].
  • Hju - Simple command line (CLI) controller for Hue lights. MIT.

Video Player

Wiki software

Window Manager


Historical Purposes

  • DART - Application to optimize and schedule the transportation of supplies or personnel and solve other logistical problems.
  • ICAD - A knowledge-based CAD system.
  • Interleaf Publisher - A document processor.
  • Itasca database - Database.
  • Metal - Siemens machine translation system.
  • Sk8 - A multimedia authoring environment.
  • Action! - Expertelligence' Interface Designer.
  • PRISM - The Prism project is a long term project to build software tools for radiation therapy planning, including artificial intelligence tools as well as manual simulation systems.
  • Endless list. See complete list branch.

Mobile Applications

  • CL REPLay - A REPL with simple editor. No license specified.
  • Sokoban - Sokoban game. No license specified.

Other Lists


Thanks to All of Github contributors and Everyone @ ad r/Common_Lisp/ for many suggestions and compliments.

Guidelines to contribute

Please follow this format of the list [Appname](#link) - description. [License]. if you want to make a contribution.

  • Put the name of the application and link to its homepage in the list.
  • Write a short description for the application.
  • Add a license in the end of the list. see the list format above
  • Make sure it is put under the appropriate topic.
  • If the application doesn't fit in any existing topic, make a new one for it.
  • Sort the item by its popularity.
    • we come up with this approach since alphabetically sorted make people unnoticed which app has more active development and which app unmaintained or abandoned.

Unsure how to contribute?


  • You can learn about licenses in tl;drLegal
  • There are so many Applications buit with Lisp, but most of them are more than 20 years old, this list will be endless as Rainer Joswig said, so here I wil only include the relevant application.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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