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Display the salah time in Emacs
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Salah Time

Salah Time is a GNU Emacs package that lets you see salah time in Emacs:



Grab Salah time, put it in your load-path, then:

(require 'salah-time)

Or with use-package:

(use-package salah-time
  :load-path "~/emacs-packages/salah-time")


First you need to define your city location. e.g:

(setq salah-time-city "Surabaya")

So your configuration might be:

(use-package salah-time
  :load-path "~/emacs-packages/salah-time"
  (setq salah-time-city "Surabaya"))

Then invoke with M-x salah-time, you will be prompted by "Salah:" in minibuffer. Put the value defined below:

Alias Salah Name
s Fajr
d Dhuhr
a Asr
m Maghrib
i Isha

You only need to input the alias, so you don't need to type complete salah name.

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