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A collection of my tiny but useful scripts
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Collection of my daily script

Table of Contents

Auto Suspend

auto suspend window manager

This will check your current battery precentage, When the battery in critical level, it will hibernate your machine

Before the critical state, auto-suspend will give you fancy warning.


Grab auto-suspend script, make it executable, put in your PATH. Then start it when you login. I do this on i3wm:

exec --no-startup-id auto-suspend

The default value to hibernate your machine is 4%, and the check interval is 3 second, but you can modify as you wish.

I use dunst to create that fancy notification with this config

Take Your Moments

I love to take a screenshot. But time to time the images become messy and unorganized. So I use take-your-moment to prompt me a name of the screenshot plus it will add the timestamp to the filename.


tips: I use special file name format defined by myself to easily organize things.

depedendcy : YAD

TODO automatically read file name and move to spesific dir

Read Book Warning

read-book warning will show your current book that you have to finish. Instead of wasting time surfing the internet.

You can customize userChrome.xml in .mozilla/firefox/yourffprofile.default/chrome to load custom js script and make 'new tab' point to local file. Take a look at my chrome directory. Move 'chrome' directory to your local firefox profile. If you already have some customization, then copy those code into your own files. See Luke Baker's guide for more complete information. Thanks Luke Baker.


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