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UrukCloudIDE is a free as in freedom cloud IDE

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Copyright (c) 2015-2016 azzen abidi azzen.abidi@gmail.com

Minimal System Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or above.
  • A unix like os
  • Web Server (like apache or nginx )
  • database server (like mysql server)
  • Shellinbox (Optional )


  • Extract the tarball into a location readable by your web server
  • In the extracted folder type the following commands :
chmod +x install.sh && ./install
  • Follow the installer steps
  • Rename or remove the installer script
  • Congratulation you have successfully setup UrukCloudIDE. Happy coding!


UrukCloudIDE supports Administrators and regular Users who can use the IDE. To connect as an administrator, use those credinals : username : azzenovic password : test

Once connected, you can add users and change your admin password.

Known Issues

  • Unable to send multiple ajax requests


All efforts have been made to ensure the smooth and correct running of this application. If you find that UrukCloudIDE is behaving abnormaly though, there are 3 options :

  1. Turn it off and run away. Not an option I would advise.

  2. Write a harsh comment that says how this app is a pile of **** and you can't believe I even dared to waste your time.. Again, not a great option, but it does make me laugh when I read some of the stuff.. :-)

  3. file a bug with error type and any other information you think is relevant, and I'll fix it. Jackpot.

When I find a bug, I crush it. If I don't find it, and you do, and don't tell me, it lives and we all lose.. I'm not a mind-reader. Or a Computer-reader. I'm not one of the X-Men. i'm Azzen Abidi